Hi, I’m Jenn Lane

As a licensed Pelvic Floor Specialist and Orthopedic Manual Therapist, I’ve been practicing PT since 2002 in Denver, CO. I’m a mom of twins, now teenagers, and they keep me going from one sports event to another! For fun I love to mountain bike, ski, and play soccer. I understand what it’s like to balance family, an intense work life, and a healthy lifestyle.

Over the years, I’ve had patient after patient battle with chronic issues stemming from childbirth that could have been avoided with simple and easy PT exercises. Knowing what it’s like to juggle personal care and the demands of infants, I wanted to make this transformation available online so women can fit it in their daily routine. I am excited to help you prepare for guide you into healing and vitality so you can enjoy motherhood even more!

Who We Help


A huge part of pelvic floor health is prevention! Expectant moms can prevent injury to their pelvic floor with a few simple exercises.


Your pelvic floor just went through a tremendous journey. Let's focus on you and guide your pelvic floor to a healthy place!


Did you know it's not normal to pee when you sneeze? Pelvic floor issues can persist later into motherhood if not addressed. Let's restore your pelvic floor health!

"Jenn’s instruction has been super helpful in my first pregnancy. My friends have told me about the issues that can stem from being pregnant and childbirth- ie: incontinence and pain- and Jenn eased my worry that it will also happen to me by equipping me with techniques and knowledge to bring into the delivery room. It’s a low cost for the benefit of healing well from childbirth! Thank you Jenn!"

- Luci Feie

"I took Jenn’s class as a first time mom preparing for labor and delivery. I felt well-informed and I consciously used the techniques learned in the class during the pushing part of labor."

- Momma of Two Healthy Babies